Lighthouse Shines

Roots & Wings does not have short-term missions teams here often. We are awkward and rough around the edges. We are learning what works and what does not work for our ministry. We are learning how to host teams and graciously receive the blessing they bring.

And so we are pleased to report that this week Roots & Wings welcomed a missions team from Lighthouse Mission Church of Honey Grove, Texas. LMC came down to Roots & Wings with three objectives and three days in which to accomplish them. 

One: Put on a fabulous VBS for all of the kids at Roots & Wings. 


The kids loved it! They learned new songs and watched some of their favorite Bible stories acted out; they made all kinds of fun crafts while also making lots of new friends.


Two: Give the exterior of the Roots & Wings building some much needed TLC.


The team came and painted the outside walls of the building. They also dug a 20 meter long trench along the side of our property so that we can plaster and prevent moisture from seeping  in through our walls.

It is hot and humid here in Mazatlan, but members of the team arrived early each day to get the job done. Armed with machetes, picks and a wheel barrel, LMC attacked their task.


Three: Build and install shelves, storage cubbies and cabinets. 


After multiple trips to Home Depot, power tools, varnish fumes and a lot of determination on the part of the LMC team members, Roots & Wings is now sporting shelves in multiple rooms and some sweet new cabinets and cubbies. 


Thank you Lighthouse for coming down to Mazatlan, for braving the heat and for getting the job done. Most of all we thank you for making our kids feel special and loved.