Know Anyone Good?


Last week we received a special visit. We met this person shorty after we arrived in Mazatlán and quickly became friends.

She’s adventurous. Passionate. A little quirky.

Her name is Pamela and she’s a missionary who has spent the last 22 years working at Proyecto Fe in Guatemala.

For the past three years we’ve stayed in touch through Facebook and e-mail. And last week, we were able to connect in person once again.

This time, she’d brought along with her another missionary friend who just joined the Proyecto Fe staff as their full-time doctor. She sold her house, her belongings, said goodbye to her grown children and moved thousands of miles away to Guatemala. For how long? In her own words, “forever.”

Her story gave me goose bumps. We live for those stories. Those people who say YES to serving God with total abandon.

And here’s the thing. One of the things that we have known for a long time, and struggled to do much about, is the fact that we must simply find someone to join our leadership team if we are going to continue growing. Our board agrees, our families agree, most everyone we share the dreams we have for Roots & Wings agrees.

If we want to be successful long-term in accomplishing all that God wants to do through Roots & Wings, we must simply find someone to help us steer the ship. We need to find that one adventurous, passionate {and a little quirky} couple who is going to say YES.

Simple as that.

It sounds magnificent, until you realize that you are looking for someone who is willing to sell their belongings, say goodbye to their families and move hundreds of miles away to Mazatlán, Mexico.

Easy? No. But not impossible.

Want to help us find the best person for the job? We are putting together a job description that we would love to share with anyone interested.

We’d love your help in finding the best couple or family for this position. Someone who is passionate about orphan prevention; who is not shy to make bold moves; and is ready to take on the challenge of following God as part of Roots & Wings’ team.

Have any references for us? Send them to


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