Three weeks folks. Construction of Phase Three is scheduled to begin in just three short weeks. Last minute details on the structural plans are being finalized. We’re price checking materials, acquiring necessary permissions, and attempting to prepare ourselves mentally for being under construction for the next 9 months. [Yikes!]

The Good News

God surprised us with an unexpected blessing.  Roots & Wings was able to acquire a lot right next to our current building. We’ve been praying for this property for 2 years, but if we’re being real, we were never very hopeful we’d get it. Now just weeks before we are scheduled to start building, the owner offered to sell.

I really don’t know why these things surprise us. It’s almost as though we forget all the times God has given us exactly what we’ve asked for. [Over and over and over again.]

Now the property is officially ours and will be a perfect space for keeping building materials, allowing us to keep the distractions of construction a little more at bay. (And we’ve got some exciting prospects of what it’ll turn into in the future!)


The Challenge

We still have a long way to go in raising the funds to complete Phase 3. So far, we have raised $5305 of the $25,000 we need to get started.  

We are so grateful for every person so far who has stepped up to help with a donation toward this project. If you would like to help us reach our goal of raising $12,500 by the 15th of July, please click here. [The other $12,500 will be given by a gift-matching donor!!! How amazing is that?!]


The Details

You can skip this part if you’re more of a basics only person, but we know some of you love numbers and details so here we go! The entirety of the construction is estimated to cost $125,000. But we’ve decided to break it down into projects to keep us focused and working on one thing at at time.

The first $25k will go toward installing a transformer that will take care of many of our ongoing electrical issues and ensure we are able to supply electricity to the second story. It will also cover the materials and labor for every single wall. What will follow? The roof, floors, electrical and plumbing, etc.

Like we’ve said before, we feel that this whole expansion is in God’s hands, and we aren’t going to push a massive campaign onto people. The kids are His, all the money in the world is His, and we are choosing to trust Him and see what happens. If you’d like to be a part of it all, join us, and let’s watch God do something amazing! And if you or your church might be interested in hosting a fundraiser for Roots & Wings, please contact us.

We leave you with a picture of almost all of the wonderful families and staff that make up Roots & Wings. Honored and humbled to be a part of what God has done through Roots & Wings so far and excited to see just how far it will go. Here’s to keeping many more families together!