Introducing: Gustavo & Osiris

Since June, ten new children joined the Roots & Wings family. We introduced our newest set of siblings in yesterday’s newsletter, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know the rest of our newbies as well. So all throughout this month, we will be sharing their stories and inviting you to become a part of their lives through sponsorship. Ready?

Meet Gustavo and Osiris!


Gustavo is 2 and Osiris is 10 months old. They live in a squatter community a few miles north of Roots & Wings. Their one-room house is made of pallets and tarps, with plastic mats laid over the dirt floor to keep the bugs and dust at bay.

A bit over a month ago, we sat down with their mom and dad inside their little home and talked. We asked about their family, their needs and their dreams. We listened as they spoke about the hardships, the violence and family brokenness they had experienced as children and how they did not want those things for their own son and daughter. 

Just 18 and 20 years old, these young parents “married” at 13 and 15 to escape their volatile families and establish a home of their own. But as their parents before them, the only way they know to get by is through scavenging in the garbage dump day after day. 


Days later, we accepted Gustavo and Osiris into Roots & Wings and we thank God for the opportunity to love, care for and protect these siblings. We have since learned that the pattern of violence found its way into their own home and that their dad is no longer living with them. We have learned that little Gustavo does not speak much and that he loves being hugged and showered with praise. We have learned that Osiris, who appeared quiet and reserved, comes alive with one-on-one attention and that she loves to roughhouse.


Roots & Wings cannot prevent every bad thing that this family may face, but we can be there with them through the difficult moments. Roots & Wings cannot erase the pain that Gustavo and Osiris have already lived through, but we can give their family the tools for change and help them heal.  

God loves these two, and part of His plan for Roots & Wings includes empowering these children and strengthening this family. Please consider supporting Roots & Wings monthly so that we can do just that.

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