In His Arms

There are many things on our hearts, yet we are having trouble finding the words to express them.

We find ourselves in a hard place, mentally and emotionally. The past few weeks have been rough on us – a series of bad news and disappointments. A family walking away; three children losing the only source of stability in their otherwise chaotic lives.

Twelve new children God specifically laid on our hearts. Children who so desperately need to be loved, protected, and nurtured, but that despite our efforts, problems and circumstances have kept us from reaching them.

So today we are writing from a place of brokenness, grasping for hope and begging God to come in and break down the walls that stand before us. Walls that in this moment seem so tall and impenetrable, we are hopeless to get past them on our own.

We feel an overwhelming burden for these kids, for their families and their futures. Our hearts break as we see their need, yet watch them turn our help away.

We feel keenly that the battles we are facing are not of this world. We know that there is a darkness that despises our mission and desires more than anything to keep these families in its hold.

How can we break down the barriers? How can we gain their trust? How can we get them to a place where they will be empowered, as a family? We do not know.

So we are finding ourselves climbing into Jesus’ more than capable arms, giving our burdens to Him, and asking him to do the rest.

Because beyond all else we need Jesus and know that He is the only way their tomorrow will be any different from today. We don’t know their stories, but He does, and He wants only good things for them.

And there in His arms we find a love and peace that cannot be found anywhere else on this earth. It’s that same love that the children we are here to help so desperately need.

September is our annual month of prayer. It couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. We need a breakthrough, but before we start asking God once again to move in these situations, we want to first begin by stopping for a moment to simply worship Him.

So much has happened, so many beautiful, miraculous things that are far beyond what we could ever accomplish without Him. We want to acknowledge those moments with gratitude. To stop and praise Him for who He is and thank Him for all He has already done. To remind ourselves of His goodness and that He is more than able to do what is needed next.

Then, it is time for us to go beyond our own attempts and efforts, and move on to serious prayer. As you read our newsletter and blogs over the next month, we invite you to join us in fighting in prayer for these children and families. Let us come together, as the body of Christ, asking Him to come in and move mountains for these children who so desperately need His love.

Will you pray with us?