God With Us


The world seemed extra dark this month.

In our line of work, we are constantly exposed to the evil and injustices of this world. But in the last few weeks, it seems we’ve encountered just a little too much of it. And much of it within the very families of our little ones at Roots & Wings.

It makes the reality of how desperately we NEED a Savior that much more tangible.


O come, o come Emmanuel. We constantly, fervently pray for Christ to come. Into our children’s lives. Into their families. In the community of Urias. 

The truth is He has. He came. He is here. This broken, aching world finally has its Savior.


That’s what Christmas is all about. We get to celebrate a God who sent his only Son to be with us. To walk on this earth and be able to truly empathize with the struggles and injustices of this world. We get to worship a God who is here. Real. Present.


This Sunday, we will celebrate Christmas with our children and their families. We will help the kids act out the Christmas story. We will hand out gifts. We will share a meal together.

And while we may not understand the choices they make, we may not understand why evil so often wins in their homes, we understand this: their Savior is here.

With understanding. With infinite love. And with wide open arms.


Pray with us that we can portray that love and acceptance this Sunday. Pray that through a little Christmas play, amid conversation, food and gifts, the real reason of Christmas is clear.

Pray that somehow, through this first of many Christmas celebrations we will share together, we can point them to the Savior who has already come.

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