Creating Leaders


There is one very important part of what we do that we eagerly want you to understand if you are going to engage, support and be a part of the mission of Roots & Wings. It’s one of those simple key principles that makes us who we are.

Roots & Wings is a family care ministry, and yes, we strive to prevent children from becoming poverty orphans by empowering families to keep their children. We ensure their basic needs are met; we make sure they are receiving an education; we make sure they are showered in love. All that is abundantly clear, yet when we look at the future of these children, what is our goal?

Our goal is to create leaders.


Simply put, our heart is to raise up men and women who will become the leaders of the future and bring change – in society and in ministry, in their communities and in the world. Men and women and families that will not only BE different, but that will MAKE a difference.

So when we say that we give children the foundation for a better future, what we really mean is we are raising up world-changers.

We create an environment where each child can not only move past the struggles that have shaped their life, but they can also look ahead and dream about how to change their community, their country and their world.


So, is Roots & Wings a family preservation ministry? Sure, but is that the end game? Not at all. We are looking far down the road, past today, past tomorrow and the years to come. 

How do we plan to do it?

We dream of establishing a youth program that will follow each child through their junior high and high school education.

We dream of establishing a scholarship program that will reward those exceptional students with a quality, private school education.

We dream of having more full time tutors on staff to motivate and inspire a love of learning in each child.


We dream of having a family on our leadership team that will spend time with the kids, showing them a role model of Godly marriage and family.

We could go on and on. The point is, we are serious when we say that we are raising little world-changers, and we will do everything possible to make sure our children and their families have everything they need to succeed.

Want to help us?

  1. What we need most right now are your prayers. God has lit a fire in our hearts to do MORE this year. Pray that God will provide the people and resources to reach these goals. Prayer is POWERFUL and we believe that if we come together in prayer, God will move in BIG ways.
  2. Sponsor a child. The impact you make when you sponsor is indescribable. When you sponsor a child, you are telling them that you believe in them and that they are WORTH IT.
  3. Love what we do? Don’t just admire our work from the sidelines, JOIN US! We’ve got both short and long term volunteer positions available. Be a part of the work that is happening at Roots & Wings.


And stay tuned! We’ve got a big announcement coming soon and you won’t want to miss it!