Covid-19 Update

Hi guys, we thought we’d give a little update on what’s happening at Roots & Wings.

Mexico is in the same boat as the US and Canada: schools are closed and social distancing guidelines are in place. Friends and volunteers have had to depart earlier than anticipated, or postpone their visit. Like all of you, we are feeling the impact of the current situation.

We are still open to our families at this time. All of Roots & Wings parents are still working, and with school cancelled until at least April 20th, it is imperative they have a safe place to leave their children during the day. 

So we are here. Taking precautions and trusting God to keep us all safe and healthy. Schoolwork is being done on site and we enjoying the extra time we get with our students.

The kids are happy. We’re happy. And we want to use this opportunity to show the children, their families and those around us that we have the answer to finding peace even in – and especially in – times of uncertainty.

Want to help us stay busy during this time? 

We’ve got two Wish Lists with toys and books we need to keep the kids busy and entertained not only in the current weeks, but in the months to come. You can use your U.S. or Canadian account to shop on Amazon Mexico and items will be delivered directly to our door here in Mazatlan!


We need new toys! Puzzles, board games, construction toys – basically any durable toy that can be enjoyed by multiple children at once are best. Click here to purchase something off our Toys Wish List.

We need books! Spanish chapter books in 4th to 6th grade reading levels are what is most needed. Check our our Books Wish List on Amazon by clicking here!

Thank you for your support. 

Our hearts go out to all of you who have had your lives disrupted by everything going on right now. How is everyone? Truly. We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!