Christmas is Coming!

This December Roots & Wings will celebrate our first Christmas since opening! 

Regardless of the month on our calendar, Roots & Wings’ aim is to share  the amazing, unconditional love of our Heavenly Father with our children and their families. And this holiday season will give us even more opportunities to share with them about the hope and joy found only in Jesus!

But what exactly will that look like?

Here’s what we don’t want to do:

We don’t want to encourage an attitude of greed and entitlement.

We don’t want to create an unhealthy idea of what Christmas should be like. 

We don’t want our children and their families to believe that Christmas centers around gifts, toys and parties.

Here’s what we do want to do:

We do want to give meaningful gifts to each child. Gifts that are practical and much needed. Gifts that are able to meet some of the most basic needs of our little ones. Our hope is for each child to receive a pair of shoes, an outfit and undergarments (or diapers), and an educational toy or game. 

We do want to give each family a special gift that can serve to bless the entire family. A tarp for the family whose roof leaks; a grocery hamper for the family whose children go to bed without dinner; or a fan for the family whose kids cannot sleep because of the mosquitoes.

We do want to teach our children that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Because it is. No matter what your situation. Our hope is to give our kids the opportunity to give to others and experience the joy that comes with selflessly, generously giving. 

We do want to teach each child what Christmas is truly all about: remembering and celebrating the birth of Christ. We will repeat it, sing it, act it out, share it with their moms and dads. Because as cheesy as it sounds, He IS the reason for the season.

This December, Roots & Wings wants to give each child and their family a memorable, meaningful Christmas. But as always, we need your help to make it happen.

Donate today towards making this a wonderful, unforgettable Christmas for the children of Roots & Wings!