Christmas Challenge


Shoes. Clothing.  An educational toy. Family gift. This is what Roots & Wings hopes to give each of our 13 children this Christmas.

But we need your help to make it happen! This week we are challenging each of you to give towards Roots & Wings’ Christmas.


Here a few ways you can do it:

1) Give. By giving towards Roots & Wings’ Christmas, you are helping to provide not only items that are essential for each of our children’s welfare, you are also helping to bring joy into their lives!

2) Put Roots & Wings on your wish list. Post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let everyone know that this year you want to help bring a smile to the face of each child at Roots & Wings.

2) Make a new family tradition. Sit down with your children, your parents, your extended family and talk about giving as a family to a family. Together with your loved ones you can make this a special Christmas for the Roots & Wings families.

Donate today towards our Christmas celebration and together we can bring joy, hope and love to the children and families of Roots & Wings!