Can you help us with these needs?

Christmas is going to sneak up on us before we know it, so we’re trying to get a head start on gifts this year. We’ve also got a LOT of birthdays in the coming months as well! If you’ll be traveling to Mazatlan this fall, and would like to help meet some of our clothing needs, here’s a list of items we currently need:

NEW Clothing (for Birthday/Christmas gifts):


  • Leggings: sizes 7-16 (need many)
  • Shorts: sizes 3,4,6 and 10-16 (need many)
  • Tops: sizes 4,5 and 8-16 (a few)
  • Dresses: sizes 2-16 (a few)
  • Socks: sizes 4-12 (white, knee high & ankle lengths) 


  • T-Shirts: sizes 3, 4 and sizes 10-16 (many in larger sizes)
  • Dress Shirts: sizes 12-16
  • Shorts: sizes 2-16 (elastic waist preferable)
  • Pants: sizes 2-16
  • Socks: 4-12 (white, black)

GENTLY USED Clothing (for Childcare Center/School use)


  • Shorts & Leggings: sizes 6-16


  • Shorts: sizes 7-16 (elastic waist preferable)


  • Coloring Books for boys 8-12
  • Small Gift Items for boys 4-12 (Games, legos, action figures, craft kits, etc. NO soccer balls please)

Please let us know if you acquire any of the items so we can keep this list up to date. Thank you in advance!