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The Widow and the Orphan

22 May

  Every time we head out to Urias we encounter new people, each person with their own unique story but all products of the same community. We continually share with you that we are falling in love with these people, that we are drawn to this location, and that our hearts are being tied to the […]

Fun Times

15 May

Last week’s event ended on an intense note and we would hate for you to think that we are dodging rocks on a daily basis. We have an incredible amount of fun working with these children each week. Our time with them is mainly filled with games, laughs, snacks and more! Yesterday we introduced a […]

Blessings and Brawls

08 May

The weather is getting warmer, the mosquito bites are becoming more plentiful and our days are starting to fall into a steady rhythm. We are spending more and more time in Urias – visiting families, playing with the children, and listening to women open up and begin to share bits of their lives. We are happy […]

Dia del Niño

01 May

Songs, food and piñatas. That is how we celebrated “Dia del Niño” (Children’s Day) with the kids in Urias. Dia del Niño fell on the same day as our weekly outreach in the community. We were so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the children, shower them with love and show them that even adults find […]


24 April

This week’s highlight: our first outreach in the community of Urias. Urias is one of the poorest colonias in Mazatlan. The people live in the filth and overflow of the nearby garbage dump, where they scrounge through the city’s waste searching for items of small value to make a living.  On Tuesday we started, together with […]

Week One

18 April

We are in the process of settling in here in Mazatlan. The majority of our time has been spent searching for long term housing , checking out every listing we can find from the ghetto to the gated.  We are strengthening existing friendships and forming new ones. We are trying to pick up the Maz slang […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

10 April

We are posting this from the airport. As if updating you from such a place will give this post the appropriate amount of magnitude. We have prayed, packed and prepped for this moment and now stand at the precipice of this new ambition. You know how in movies or books there is always a pivotal […]


02 April

Below are some facts and statistics on our “home” cities and Mazatlan as well as Mexico in general: San Diego, CA: Population: 1,326,179 Population under age of 15: 20.39% Minimum Wage: $8/hour Average annual income: $59,477 Population with high school education or higher: 80.6% Dallas, TX: Population: 1,223,229 % of population under age of 15: […]

I can almost taste it.

20 March

Hola! We are so close to moving down that I can taste the mango salsa. We have completed, re-read, edited, read over again, prayed over, put a stamp on and finally sent off our tax exempt application to the IRS.  Now that the bulk of the paperwork is done we can take a moment to […]

Welcome to Roots & Wings

13 March

Hello, This is the first blog post of Roots & Wings International Ministries, Inc. We officially became a nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas on February 4th, 2013! I have just joined Rochelle in Honey Grove, Texas. This is where we will be working on all the final details before we set off for […]