Back to School: Learning about Childhood Sexual Abuse

This week we had the privilege of attending a two-day conference with Prof. Kevin Browne (Director of the Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology, University of Nottingham) about the “Prevention, Detection and Intervention of Childhood Sexual Abuse.”

While it meant closing Roots & Wings for two days, it was well worth the sacrifice, because we were able to take almost all our team along with us.

The reality is that sexual abuse is rampant in our community. 

In fact, 1 out of every 6 of our children has experienced some form of sexual abuse. 

Let that sink in.

1 out of 6. 

It is a hard reality to accept.

Nevertheless, not only are we now better equipped to tackle the challenge, attending the conference also made clear one important thing:

We are doing it right.

Keeping children in families and offering services to educate and support the vulnerable child’s family is the best approach to tackling both the orphan crisis and childhood sexual abuse. 

We are so thankful for Back2Back for giving us this amazing opportunity and for Professor Browne for sharing his wisdom with us. We are excited to implement all that we’ve learned to better serve the children and the community surrounding Roots & Wings!