22 Days Left.


22 days left. $31,569 to go.

So once again, we are asking you to give. 

Give a brick:  $0.40

Give 25 bricks: $10

Give a day of labor: $15

Give a week of labor: $75

Give however much or little you can!

Because every brick we lay, every construction worker we pay, every light bulb, faucet and door knob we install will help Roots & Wings change lives. Every dollar you donate will greatly affect the children of Urias as well as their community.  We are building a safe, loving, and secure place for the children of this community. A place where these children, who live surrounded by garbage can understand that they are indescribably valuable. A place where these children, who are left alone all day can enjoy the affection and protection that comes from being cared for by adults. A place where these children, who see so much sin and pain every single day can learn about their Father in heaven and how very much He loves them.

Be are part of what God is doing in this community.  Be an instrument of change. Donate today.